Abs, Low Back: The Corset (57 min) This video takes you through a unique and innovative series of exercises using the compression springs of the Tensatoner™ to target the corset of your body. The core consists of no fewer than 29 muscles which form the corset of your body (straight, oblique and deep abdominal muscles; straight and deep back muscles; and the large and small glute muscles). These corset muscles not only protect your internal organs and spine, they also stabilize the body, improve flexibility and reduce risk of injuries. While Pilates and traditional exercise routines emphasize abdominal muscles, many are under-trained in favor of others. In fact, weak oblique muscles have been found to be a cause of lower-back issues in 60% - 80% of adults with chronic back pain. Not only do strong obliques reduce this lower-back pain, they help improve posture and balance. With complimentary exercises to Pilates and traditional workout routines, this series makes sure that none of your core/corset muscles are left behind.

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Tensatoner Disclaimer.pdf

Tensatoner Disclaimer.pdf
Tensatoner™ ABS, LOW BACK: CORSET Video
£40.00 / 30 days

Author: Brooke Siler Pilates

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