This 24 minute series is supported by the athletic axiom: ‘where the head goes the body will follow’.

Balancing the head's 10-12 pound weight in a neutral position atop our cervical spine falls to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the neck and tends to be taken for granted in our training routines.


Using a creative combination of isometric, isotonic and full body exercises this series look to help build muscle, strength, balance and range of motion in the neck and cervical spine. (I've even added a little gentle jaw-strengthening to improve range of motion and also to ease symptoms of tension-held there.)


In today's tech-heavy culture "text neck" and other postural disturbances ripple all the way through the body, including affecting our breathing. Muscles in the neck are involved in almost every breath we take so when they are weak or out of balance our breathing is affected. By strengthening and mobilizing the neck and cervical spine we foster dynamic stability and postural alignment which both aid in proper respiration.


Overall, 20+ minutes of added attention to the region of the head and neck, goes a long way toward preparing for bigger Pilates and sports actions, improved endurance and posture, and even respiration.

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Tensatoner Disclaimer.pdf

Tensatoner Disclaimer.pdf
Tensatoner HEAD & NECK Video
£28.00 / 30 days

Author: Brooke Siler Pilates