Legs, Hips and Glutes At 75 minutes long with more than 25 unique moves (plus variations) using the Tensatoner™ to target the muscles of the upper legs, hips and glutes… this is the biggest video to date. I just couldn’t stop creating! Exercises in this series focus on all the major muscles of the upper leg (adductor, abductors, quads, hammies…) hips and glutes, while also venturing into lower leg, lower abs and low back territory by default. In addition to the larger gluteal muscles, the moves in this series target the ‘deep six’ lateral and external leg-movers that serve to control internal and external rotation of the hip, as well as helping to keeping the head of the femur centered in the socket. These deeper, smaller muscles support the pelvic floor and align your entire leg, by stabilizing it in the hip joint, especially in weight bearing positions. One more key element I wanted to bring to the series was to work the often misunderstood hip flexors, because restricted or weak hip flexor muscles show up in less activation of the glutes. When hip flexors aren’t functioning properly, compensations occur which may work in the short-term, but will eventually reduce performance and can increase the likelihood of injury. With loads of fun, functional exercises to choose from, and a mix of strength and mobility variations you will have ample opportunity to find favorites that are sure to become staples of your workout.

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Tensatoner Disclaimer.pdf

Tensatoner Disclaimer.pdf
Tensatoner™ LEGS, HIPS & GLUTES Video
£45.00 / 30 days

Author: Brooke Siler Pilates