The Wall Series This 40 minute video uses the Wall as an upright support for your body, and also to simulate a vertical mat; changing the leverage aspects of exercises often performed on the floor.

By using the compression springs, unique to the Tensatoner™, in Wall exercises that are otherwise straight forward (e.g. a wall sit, or a side bend) you are increasing muscular stability and balance, as well as increasing proprioception. This new proprioceptive awareness can then be transferred to your Pilates workouts off the wall.

Deceptively simple-looking, these moves make for a challenging series that can be run through in its entirety, or exercises can be cherry-picked for use in your own sequence creations.

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Tensatoner Disclaimer.pdf

Tensatoner Disclaimer.pdf
Tensatoner™ Wall Sequence
£30.00 / 30 days

Author: Brooke Siler Pilates