WundaMat Level I


As the name may (or may not) suggest, this is a Mat workout using the Wunda Chair in ways you may not have conceived of previously. Working the Wunda into your Matwork gets into areas in ways no other apparatus can.

The Wunda’s unique size configuration, spring angle, resistance level, pedal depression and targeted range of motion marry beautifully with the mat to challenge your stability and mobility in new and exciting ways!

This is a 3-Level SERIES graduating in difficulty and with organic changes in each workout level (adding exercises, changing guidance, etc), however you are welcome to rent any of them individually.

(Please note that if you rent Level III without having gone through I and II you may be scrambling a bit to catch up.)

Each Level is approximately 1 Hour

You will need a Mat and a Wunda Chair

There will be no individual instruction HOWEVER I offer clear directions and guidance throughout.

This class is hardCORE sweat therapy 💦 and NOT for the novice!

❌ NOT recommended for those:

unfamiliar with the Wunda Chair

nursing any injuries

just starting out in Pilates

✔️ IS recommended for:

strong practitioners

looking to challenge your Matwork

ready for a good time! 🎉

File Attachments

Wunda Mat - Informed Consent and Waiver.pdf

Wunda Mat - Informed Consent and Waiver.pdf
WundaMat Level I
£40.00 / 30 days

Author: Brooke Siler Pilates

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